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Glucomannan Usage

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Effect of Glucomannan on Hypertension

There are a number of ways that fiber such as glucomannan may help lower blood pressure, and the exact actions are not yet clear.

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Therapeutic Uses

Several small controlled studies have found glucomannan to be effective for improving the cholesterol profile. 1 Glucomannan appears to reduce LDL ("bad") cholesterol and, according to some studies, increase HDL ("good") cholesterol. In addition, it may improve blood pressure .

By expanding in the stomach, glucomannan might be useful for people trying to lose weight. Many people report a feeling of fullness after taking glucomannan, and some studies found a significant weight loss among those taking glucomannan compared to those on placebo . 2 3 4 5 However, not all studies of glucomannan for weight loss have had positive results. 6 Glucomannan may also help the body to regulate blood sugar levels, and therefore could be helpful in treating diabetes . 7 Additionally, glucomannan might be helpful for individuals who experience episodes of low blood sugar following stomach surgery. 8 Like other dietary fibers, glucomannan may help treat constipation . 9

Hyperthyroidism is a state in which levels of thyroid hormone are too high. A preliminary trial found some evidence that when glucomannan is added to standard treatment, normal thyroid hormone levels are restored more rapidly. 10


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