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Heart Attack
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Heart Attack Treatment: Herbs

There are 2 Herbs treatments for Heart Attack.
Written by ColleenO.

Some herbal options may be helpful for preventing and/or treating heart attacks:

  • Garlic extract has shown great potential to help prevent heart attacks and reduce mortality in people who do have heart attacks.
  • Hawthorn is recommended for people with congestive heart failure because it may help stabilize heart rhythms and improve the heart's pumping ability. It may also be useful preventing or treating heart attacks.

Note: If you have had a heart attack and/or are at risk for having one, your condition requires conventional medical evaluation and supervision. Natural treatments such as herbs may complement standard medical care when monitored by an appropriate healthcare professional. Consult with your physician regarding all dosage and safety issues.

Treatments include:


Effect of Garlic on Heart Attack

Garlic may have a number of benefits for the heart, though specific effects are not clear. It may help prevent heart attacks by acting as a blood thinner.15-18,112 Garlic may also help reduce high...

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Effect of Red Yeast Rice on Heart Attack

Red yeast rice contains naturally occurring substances similar (and, in some cases, identical) to cholesterol-lowering prescription drugs in the statin family. Statins lower cholesterol and...

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Posted 12 years ago

Use hot pepper (hot sauce or cayenne pepper tincture) to stop heart attack and stroke. Dr. Christopher used this successfully for many, and I have seen it work for stroke in minutes.

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mat.j.collins 11 years ago

These are pretty serious life-threatening conditions. Curiously, I assume in the meantime seeking emergency medical support?

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