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Heart Valve Replacement
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Experiences with Heart Valve Replacement

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Posted 9 years ago

Ever since my operation I've been going into Atrial Fibrilation. It has become frequent and is interfering with my job. I understand that it's because they cut nerves in my heart to replace the valve. So now the electrical impulse does not flow through the heart as it should. I will probably have to have an Ablation.

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Posted 10 years ago

Not as easy as docs indicated it might be but it is better than fertilizing daisies.

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vikdad1 10 years ago

Are you feeling stronger since getting the replacement? How was the recovery?

johnpelli 10 years ago

The docs caught it in an early enough stage so, the bad mitral valve did not really slow me down. Keep in mind, I dont jog or do anything that might have an impact. My heart had enlarged a little. This is a way the heart compensates for the lower efficiency. That is what makes it dangerous to have a bad valve. After the surgery I had a lot of problems with fluid in my lungs and got a bad lung infection. It took a while to clear up. Also, many antibiotics react negatively with the blood thinners and therein lies the danger.