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Heartburn/GERD Treatment: Mind

There are no clinical studies linking stress directly to GERD. However, many people with GERD say that psychological issues including stress, tension, and feelings of anxiety make their symptoms worse. Fortunately, stress can be effectively managed to prevent some of its harmful effects on health.

The body’s natural relaxation response is effective against stress. This is the reason why relaxation therapy can be helpful in managing strress. Relaxation therapy is a broad term which describes a number of techniques that help reduce stress, relieve the body from tension, and promote a calm and peaceful state of mind.

There are many forms of relaxation techniques, they generally involve refocusing one's attention to something calming and increasing awareness of the body. Relaxation techniques counteract the unpleasant effects of stress and promotes your sense of well being. These techniques also have protective benefits especially if practiced regularly. If you are aware of what a stress response feels like, you will make an effort to practice a relaxation technique as soon as you start to feel stress symptoms. As a result, you are able to prevent stress from getting out of control. Yoga and Biofeedback Training are some of the relaxation techniques that may help people with GERD.

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Effect of Biofeedback on Heartburn/GERD

Biofeedback is often used as a relaxation technique. Relaxation can diminish symptoms associated with Heartburn/GERD. Biofeedback is a technique which involves training people to improve their health...

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