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Our Approach

Supporting an integrative approach to health

FoundHealth supports an integrative approach to health. Our goal is to maximize health by presenting a variety of treatment approaches to facilitate healing for patients. The community and references establish credibility throughout FoundHealth.

FoundHealth highlights solutions from several health philosophies and experiences. We urge you to explore each of these areas to create a care plan that is unique to your needs. Each part of the wheel stands on its own or can be used in collaboration with other parts.

Medicine: These solutions optimize health using medical solutions.
Examples: Drugs and Surgery

Nutrition: These solutions optimize health using food and supplements.
Examples: Vitamins, Minerals or foods

Herbs: These solutions optimize health by using natural herbal substances, which can be found in the form of actual herbs or herbal supplements.
Examples: Ginseng or Shatavari

Body: These solutions optimize health by working your body.
Examples: Exercise, yoga, massage and acupuncture

Mind: These solutions optimize health through the workings of your mind.
Examples: Meditation, Affirmations and Hypnosis

Other: These key solutions do not fit neatly in the areas above.
Examples: Prayer and Spiritual Healing

Our Community is very important

FoundHealth believes that solutions to health challenges and questions live in the intelligence of the community. Many people have personally faced challenges, as a patient or a caretaker, or have a passion for health research. We have created a place to capture their intelligence and experience such that the larger community can tap into it and build their own solutions. We will also enable our community to connect with "others like me" for shared information and support.