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Fertility Clinics

Written by ritasharma.

Fertility clinics provide many medical services to support the fertility process. These techniques may include Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), Artificial Insemination as well fertility drug protocols. There are fertility clinics all over the US and the world. Our community has brought a few notable ones to our attention:


Zouves Fertility Clinic
1241 East Hillsdale Blvd, Ste 100
Foster City, CA 94404

What a patient said: "He was much more directive and specific in his approach. He is a one man shop with an army of nurses for execution. It can feel a little bit like a baby mill at first, but we were overall thrilled with the process & the results once we got used to their system. I know several people who were successful at FPNC and several who were successful at Zouves. My bias is clearly with Zouves as I found him to be very transparent & aggressive in his approach & of course he helped us to the best possible results – my two perfect babies!

Pacific Fertility Clinic
Dr. Eldon Schriock

What we heard: "Amazingly high success rates, hugely successful"


Colorado Center of Reproductive Medicine (CCRM)

What a patient said: "These guys are the best! The care and professionalism is second to none – really good people and very nice location. I think you’ll find statistically they’re in the top 1 or 2%. Eric Surrey was her doctor at CCRM – really a great guy."

What another patient said: "Dr. Schoolcraft in Denver at CCRM. We have 4-5 friends who were unsuccessful in clinics in the Bay Area who had children through their clinic.

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Posted 12 years ago

Another top fertility clinic is Conceptions Reproductive Associates of Colorado:

Fertility Clinic Colorado: Egg Donor Colorado:

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