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Infertility and Guided Imagery

Guided Imagery is a gentle but powerful technique that helps guide your imagination towards a specific goal. It engages the unconscious and preconscious mind to help with conscious goals such as achieving fertility. Guided Imagery involves an introduction of images into the mind that can lead it through a positive journey towards a desired goal.

Effect of Guided Imagery on Infertility

Guided Imagery is a blend of mediation and self-hypnosis. Its appealing because it does not require any experience or skill on the part of the user. One can invent their own imagery or listen to a imagery that has been created by someone else, usually focused on a specific issue such as fertility.

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How to Use Guided Imagery

Principles of Guided Imagery

Mind-Body connection is the basis of the guided imagery methodology. In the same way that the picture of a chocolate cake can get us to start salivating, images of relaxation, success and fertility can move the body into achieving those states. The “Altered State” is the state of relaxed focus that one is achieving during guided imagery. This state allows you to command the inner strength and will to achieve your goal. A “locus of control” factor is another key to guided imagery’s success. Since the user is in charge of the guided imagery session and the how and when to use it, it makes one feel that they have a higher sense of control their challenge and the solution. This feeling in itself fosters higher self-esteem and sense of mastery over the environment.

There are only a few contraindications to Guided Imagery: organic brain syndrome, psychosis, and pre-psychosis (University of Michigan, n.d.).

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