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Infertility Treatment: Spirit

There may be some spiritual blocks causing infertility, and in those cases, spiritual treatments can be helpful to a woman trying to get pregnant.

To lessen feelings of hopelessness if conception doesn't occur, couples need to determine alternatives during the course of infertility work-up. Adoption and surrogacy could be alternatives to infertility treatments.


Adoption is an option for couples struggling with infertility. Whether you have just been diagnosed with fertility problems or have been living with infertility for a long time, you may eventually realize that fertility treatments are not right for you. Later on, you and your partner would choose an alternative.

Adoption can make your dreams of becoming a parent true, but it often includes a lot issues to deal with. Adoption requires making decisions and lots of paperwork before your hopes can be realized. If you think that you and your partner will consider adoption in the future, you need to learn about the adoption process beforehand. Try to get as much information as possible.

Couples who are considering adoption need to realize that adopting child can not free them from all the negative feelings that occur with infertility. You can learn more about issues concerning adoption and fertility by joining support groups.


Also called contractual parenting, surrogacy is a reproduction method whereby a woman agrees to carry a child to term for a contracted party. The most common type of arrangement is traditional surrogacy in which the surrogate mother is impregnated with the sperm of the intended father. The child may be conceived by sexual intercourse, artificial insemination using fresh or frozen sperm or impregnated via intrauterine insemination, or intracervical insemination which is done at a fertility clinic. Another arrangement is called gestational surrogacyor the host method in which the fertilized egg of the intended mother is implanted in the womb of the surrogate mother.

Controversial issues tend to surround surrogacy. Based on research, surrogacy is the least acceptable of all artificial reproductive technologies. However, surrogacy is preferred by some couples because it it gives them an opportunity to have a child that is genetically related to them. Moreover, it can can be a quicker process than adoption.

Coping with infertility

For most people, being unable to conceive successfully results in frustration, anger, feelings of loneliness, loss and grief. There is no quick and easy formula for getting rid of the emotional burden caused by one's inability to get pregnant or to carry a baby to term. Below are some of the ways that can help couples to positively cope with infertility

Talk to others: Regrettably, our society often fails to recognize the burden caused by infertility. Some people tend to hide how they feel, later on, this can result in feelings of shame and isolation. Talking to other people who are going through the same thing can help you realize that that you are not alone. You can get support from professionals, such as counselors. If possible, look for a counselor specializes with infertility issues.

Let go of negative emotions: Everyone needs to exert efforts to be emotionally healthy. Like any disappointing news, accepting the fact that you won't have a child is something that will not happen overnight; it's a fairly long and complicated process for may people. One way to help you close in on acceptance is by trying your best to let go of unpleasant feelings such as bitterness, sadness, or regret.

Keep up with your other interests: Infertility treatment can be a long and tedious process and many couples find the agony of waiting quite unbearable. Look at the process as bus ride, the more you ask the question 'are we there yet?' the more you would get bored. Hence, you should consider diverting to attention to other things such as activities or hobbies that could relieve stress and bring you pleasure. If you have outgrown old activities, continue looking for new diversions. Consider learning new things or think of those activities that you have been longing to try.

Reassess your own reasons for wanting children: When you’re preparing yourself to accept the possibility that you may not have children, there's a need for you to look at your reasons for wanting them. Regrettably, many people want to have children because somehow it is what our society dictates. Some may decide to have kids just because everyone thinks that it is right. Ask yourself again why you want to have children, and whether you are really prepared for the challenges of parenthood.


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