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Insomnia Treatment: Body

There are 3 Body treatments for Insomnia.

There are various ways to treat insomnia. Although nowadays, there are many drugs marketed as sleep enhancers, you should still consider drug-free solutions for your sleep problems. These solutions include some lifestyle changes, measures that will promote comfort and ways that will help eliminate the obstacles to a restful sleep.

For some, getting their sleep requirements involves making some changes on their routine during the day and when they go to bed. Below are some tips that may help in getting a restful sleep at night:

  • Adopt a healthy sleep routine - One helpful way to manage insomnia is by establishing a regular bedtime routine and a regular sleep-wake schedule Try to keep your bedtime and wake time consistent everyday, including weekends.
  • Simple ways to relax - A warm bath before bedtime can help prepare your body sleep. A massage at bed time may also work wonders. Adopt relaxing bedtime rituals such as reading or breathing exercises.
  • Limit day time naps - Naps can make it quite difficult to fall asleep at night. If you can't get survive a day without one, try to limit your naps to no more than 30 minutes. You should also avoid late afternoon naps.
  • Avoid tobacco products - Nicotine, the dependence-forming substance found in cigars and cigarettes, is a known stimulant. A study published in Depression and Anxiety journal in 2008, linked nicotine dependence with insomnia among patients with panic and post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Don't put up with any discomfort - Having conditions that cause pain may be an obstacle to a good night rest. If you have existing health condition that can make you experiencing any physical discomfort, make sure that the medicines at hand are effective enough you to to control symptoms while you're at sleep.
  • Get out of bed when you can't sleep - If you're having trouble falling asleep, get out of bed after 15 minutes and do something relaxing, such as reading. Engaging briefly in calm activities is a lot better than staying in bed staring at the ceiling.
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Effect of Exercise on Insomnia

Exercise may counteract symptoms of insomnia because it improves the quality of sleep. It allows for smoother and more regular transition between cycles and phases of sleep.

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Effect of Aromatherapy (Therapy) on Insomnia

Certain scents from herbs are thought to affect the body and relieve symptoms of a wide range of illnesses including insomnia and other stress-related symptoms.

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Effect of Acupuncture on Insomnia

Depending on the cause for a person's specific insomnia, acupuncture can help to realign the body to proper functioning so that the person can rest. For example, if one person's insomnia comes from...

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