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Insomnia Treatment: Herbs

There are 2 Herbs treatments for Insomnia.

There are herbs that have originally been folk remedies for sleeping problem and have later been shown to have the same mode of action as pharmaceutical sleep aids. Many herbs have tranquilizing and soothing properties, relieve anxiety, stress and restlessness.

Treatments include:


Effect of Valerian on Insomnia

The root of the valerian plant has a mix of compounds that are thought to produce sedation, including valepotriates, valeric acid and volatile oils. Valerian contains various compounds including:...

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Effect of Chamomile on Insomnia

Certain components of chamomile have muscle and nerve-calming properties. One of the compounds present in the chamomile is called apigenin which is thought to promote mild sedation. Chamomile helps...

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