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Insomnia Treatment: Spirit

This section on spiritual treatments for insomnia deals with energetically oriented treatments that have to do with intention, energy healing, prayer, and in some cases god.

Insomnia can impact our health and quality of life in a variety of ways. It is a serious health challenge and you should not be afraid to reach out for help. The expertise of health professionals and encouragement from other people may help you deal with the problems that occur with insomnia.

  • Join support groups - You should also consider looking for insomnia support groups in your area. Members of support groups get to share experiences and help each other find new ways to cope with problems. If symptoms of insomnia are related to anxiety, you could visit the website of Anxiety Disorders of America where you can find a list of support groups from all over the country.
  • Join online communities - If your local community does not have support groups for insomnia, you can always turn to the Internet for support. Nowadays there are many virtual communities that may provide support for various health problems including insomnia. With the help of a search engine, you can find forums and groups for people with sleep disorders and other health problems. You can discuss your health concerns and at the same time learn how others manage their symptoms.
  • Talk it out - Insomnia may be triggered by psychological issues ranging from minor everyday worries to more serious problems. One way to relieve stress is by by reaching out to your family and friends. The people whom you are close to are the ones who could understand you best. By talking to loved ones about your issues, you may relieve the stress which may be the source of insomnia.

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