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Posted 10 years ago

Had stage3b that spread to the lymph under both arms. had wide excision, double axillary dissection, and high dose interferon for four weeks. due to the side effects i chose not to do one year follow up shots. i am now ten years cancer free!! i had top oncologist, and surgeon and credit them with saving my life. feel free to contact me is you have questions.

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spechner 10 years ago

Congratulations on your 10 years of being cancer free! Thanks for sharing your experience.

MRosenthal 10 years ago

Absolutely congratulations! That is an incredible and inspirational story. My wife also used interferon as part of the protocol that worked for her.

jpierzn648 9 years ago

Congratulation! I just start it interferon. I need same information from you. I'm in the same situation then you was.