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Low Back Pain and Sciatica
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Low Back Pain and Sciatica and Alexander Technique

Written by sshowalter.

The Alexander Technique is a special method of postural training popular among dancers and other performers.

Effect of Alexander Technique on Low Back Pain and Sciatica

Practicing and maintaining adequate posture, as is the goal of Alexander Technique, can be extremely helpful in helping to relieve the symptoms, and sometimes cure the underlying cause(s) of low back pain or sciatica. When the body is in proper alignment, the bones, muscles and organs function more smoothly and with less energy.

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Research Evidence on Alexander Technique

A review of the literature found no more than weak preliminary evidence that Alexander may help with back pain, but concluded that further research is warranted.56

A subsequent controlled trial involving 579 patients with chronic or recurrent low back pain found that Alexander technique lessons, particularly when combined with exercise, was more effective than normal care or massage after one year.78


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