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Low Back Pain and Sciatica
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Experiences with Low Back Pain and Sciatica and Cayenne

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Posted 11 years ago

I am applying cayenne mixed with olive oil directly to the pain area(lower back) and it really is reducing the pain. I am also drinking a mixture of cayenne and warm water (about a tsp per day) and I have drastically reduced on my pain medication. I suffer from chronic lower back pain and after only a week of using cayenne, I am more energized, my bowel movement has improved and I am sleeping better. I will continue to use it and hope for even better results. I would wholeheartedly recommend cayenne to anyone suffering from lower back pains. Val.

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vikdad1 11 years ago

Thanks so much for sharing Val! Glad to hear cayenne is having such a tremendous effect. It would be awesome for you to leave additional comments about your experience in a few weeks so we can know how it went over a long period of time!

valamolo 11 years ago

Thank you vikdad1. I will be sure to give an update somewhere along the way. Good luck to all.