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Low Back Pain and Sciatica
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Experiences with Low Back Pain and Sciatica and Ginger

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Posted 8 years ago

I have low back pain due to osteo arthritis. I tried physical therapy and it made the problem worse. Ginger, 2 grams=2000 milligrams (4 capsules for most brands), per day has helped quite a bit. By the way, the brand makes a difference. Nature's Answer or Nature's Way both work, while the Vitacost house brand had me in terrible pain when I tried to switch to it instead. Actually, I need to take BOTH ginger and Hyaluronic Acid to get the pain to go away. I take 4 capsules of BioCell Collagen II which contains hyaluronic acid, chondroitin, and collagen. There are multiple brands of this -- I happen to take Doctors Best.

I've been on this combination of Ginger and Hyaluronic Acid for about 2 years, and have almost no pain. Before discovering this combo, I would wake up crying most nights because my back was so painful.

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