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Low Back Pain and Sciatica
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Experiences with Low Back Pain and Sciatica and Magnet Therapy

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Posted 13 years ago

Depending on the depth of the problem, The strength, size, and the placement is critical for effective relief and stimulation of repair. Because it is an aid and stimulant for tissue repair it needs to be in place consistently until repair is complete. Pain will return if repair is not complete.

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Posted 8 years ago

I bought a Nikken PowerBand. I've had sciatica for about 3 weeks. It starts once I've been sleeping a few hours. I wrapped the Powerband around my knee, and within 10 minutes my sciatica pain stopped. I have had the powerband successfully stop the pain about 5 times -- I was woken up by sciatica, put on the magnetic PowerBand and the pain stopped within 10 minutes. I started wearing the band to bed and don't have a problem when I remember to do that. When I forget, the pain starts so I have to get up and find the band and put it on. It has worked every time I've used it.

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