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Low Back Pain and Sciatica
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Low Back Pain and Sciatica Treatment: Spirit

Written by sshowalter.

This section on spiritual treatments for low pack pain and sciatica comprises energetically oriented treatments that have to do with intention, energy healing, prayer, and in some cases god. These terms may be volatile for some, and for others they resonate. Some of these treatments have proven to be profoundly healing for certain individuals with sciatica. Though some people are skeptical, prior notions of these words should be set aside when reading about these spiritual healing treatments, as many of the are truly incredible!

Many of the treatments that live in other sections on FoundHealth could easily live in this “Spirit” section as well. For example, Yoga, though a treatment that mostly involves the body, certainly has spiritual undertones and components to its practice. Meditation lives under the Mind category, but really is a blend of body, mind and a spiritual/energetic component as well. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda are examples of healing systems that have branches that span all six of foundhealth’s treatment categories, including spiritual components.

So take a look at which spirit treatments have been used for low back pain and sciatica, or add any that are missing!

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Posted 13 years ago

Many years ago I suffered with sciatica. Coupled with this, and though I had not linked the two at the time, I also suffered with Achilles Tendinitis. I knew that my physical symptoms were a manifestation of some blockage or obstruction of consciousness within so I offered my condition to my dream.

I had a dream which explained the reason for the physical symptoms I was experiencing but I was also made aware of the underlying emotional root cause which was causing the problem.

My right leg is fractionally shorter than my left and though I had been physically active all of my life and never suffered any problems as a result of this I was shown how it was affecting me at that time.

I created a shoe insert that completely cured the sciatica and the achilles tendinitis. I later found out that what I had created for myself people called pedorthics were using to help people with my problem and the shoe insert I made is called an orthotic.

Without also addressing the emotional root cause the subconscious would have found a different physical expression for my inner problem and this is where analytical hypnotherapy came in.

Many people who have come to me for hypnotherapy to cure various conditions also suffered from sciatica and/or Achilles Tendinitis and by being able to share my own experience I was able to enhance rapport, that very vital ingredient in healing.

I have written about this in more detail in an article I wrote for HubPages

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