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Lumbar Puncture
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Posted 8 years ago

I recently had the procedure within the last 48 hours. I followed the nurse and doctor's directions to the letter and laid flat on my back as much as possible for the first 24 hours. I drank lots of caffeine and water. Aimed for 8 oz of water an hour and all the tea, coffee, soda that I wanted to help control the discomfort. I returned to work the following afternoon for a half day. The only discomfort has been a back ache. I've only been able to take Tylenol (due to medical issues prior stroke and open heart surgery) and have managed fairly well. Awaiting results of the test as a possible diagnostic means for MS or a brain tumor. I put this procedure off after being absolutely terrified of the risks but decided that if I could handle an epidural during a C-Section that this wouldn't be too different and it really wasn't. My procedure was on a table where I laid on my stomach to get my back cleansed and then received the numbing shot. After the shot, the table was tilted and I spent about 10-15 minutes dripping CSF fluids (I was told I was a slow dripper). Once complete I asked the doctor to see the fluid knowing that clear is good and color/cloudy/red is not. Yay, it was clear so now the wait begins. If I ever have to do this again, I will not hesitate. Realize you are human and the doctor's know best. Listen to them and you will be fine!

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Posted 12 years ago

Awaiting further detail from this user...

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