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Lyme Disease
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Lyme Disease and Smilax

Written by sshowalter.

Common names for Simlax (smilax glabra) include sarsaparilla, tu fu ling, dobukurya, t'obongnyong, dwipautra, among others. The root of this plant, from the smilacaceae or liliaceae family, is used as the medicine.

Effect of Smilax on Lyme Disease

Smilax, a systemic herb, specifically lessens Herxheimer reactions from infectious spirochetes, helps modulate the immune response to these infectious agents, has anti-inflammatory properties which helps with the arthritic symptoms, is a neuroprotector which helps with central nervous system function, and helps reduce the skin reactions experienced by some people with Lyme Disease.

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Intestinal upset can be experienced by some patients taking large doses of smilax.

Also, smilax can increase the absorption of digitalis glycosides and bismuth (again, when taken in large doses), as well as increase the elimination of hypnotic drugs.1


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