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Lyme Disease
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Lyme Disease Treatment: Medicine

There are 4 Medicine treatments for Lyme Disease.
Written by sshowalter.

The specific treatment for Lyme disease depends on how long you’ve had the disease, when it is diagnosed, and whether there are any complications. In all stages, medications are used to kill the Lyme bacteria in the body in an effort to eliminate the disease or reduce the symptoms and complications.

It seems, however, that the most effective way to treat Lyme disease is to take a multi-faceted approach: attempt to kill the spirochetes (as is done with antibiotics as well as some herbs), support of the immune function (which can be achieved through dietary changes as well as herbs and other supplements), support collagen tissues and provide symptomatic relief.1 Though traditional antibiotic treatments can help to kill of harmful bacteria, other therapies are concerned with supporting the body's innate immune response to help fight off infection as well as generally keeping the body running smoothly.1

Also, check out some of the non-pharmaceutical treatment options for use to mitigate symptoms during or after a drug treatment regime.

Treatments include:


Effect of Antibiotics on Lyme Disease

Antibiotics are given to treat patients in all stages of Lyme disease. Their aim is to kill the bacteria that cause Lyme disease. Relapse may follow the use of any antibiotic, and a repeat course of...

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Effect of NSAIDs on Lyme Disease

NSAIDs are pain relievers. Your doctor may advise you to use them if you have arthritis pain as a complication of Lyme disease. The dose depends on the amount of pain. For severe pain, NSAIDs are...

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Effect of Lyme Vaccine on Lyme Disease

A vaccine for the infectious agent, Lyme borreliosis, was created in the late 1990s, but was removed from the market a few years later as lawsuits were continually filed for damages brought on by the...

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