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Manganese Usage

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Therapeutic Uses

Because manganese plays a role in bone metabolism, it has been suggested as a treatment for osteoporosis , a condition in which bone mass deteriorates with age. However, we have no direct evidence that manganese is helpful, except perhaps in combination with other minerals. 1 One small but rigorous study suggests that making sure to get enough manganese may help control symptoms of dysmenorrhea (menstrual pain) . 2 Manganese has also been suggested for the treatment of muscle strains and sprains , rheumatoid arthritis , and tardive dyskinesia , 3 but there is no reliable evidence as yet to indicate that it actually helps.

People with epilepsy 4 or diabetes 5 have lower-than-normal levels of manganese in their blood. This suggests (but definitely doesn't prove) that manganese supplements might be useful for these conditions. Unfortunately, the studies that could prove or disprove this idea haven't been performed.


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