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Experiences with Melanoma and Vemurafenib

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Posted 12 years ago

I am one of the the phase 1 PLX4032 (Zelboraf) clinical trail lab rats. It took us from November 23 until February 28 before I started my treatment at UCLA on a phase I trail for PLX4032 (I live in DC, it has been a big commute). I’ve been in this clinical trial for 29 months, and during that time this drug has not only stopped my cancer from growing, it’s now only a fraction of its original (baseline) size. I have had side effects – hair loss, skin rash, cysts everywhere, night sweats, nausea and diarrhea. But, all in all, not bad relative to what I could have happened

PLX4032/ ZELBORAF has been one of the fastest drugs ever approved by the FDA and is changing how we fight cancer.

During this odyssey my husband Mike and I learned some interesting facts, most important if you want to survive, you need to advocate. Reach out to friends, family and friends of friends. YOU need to determine the right path for you and your disease. There is no “Melanoma for Dummies” users guide available.

I have learned that getting connected can save your life.

Cheryl Stratos -- Fighting Melanoma

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