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Melanoma Treatment: Mind

There are 8 Mind treatments for Melanoma.

There is a lot of evidence that your mind can have a very positive effect on the success of the treatment of melanoma. In fact, the science of Psychoneuroimmunology is built around the idea that your thinking, emotions, and mental state can have a profound affect and influence on your body and your immune system. Many melanoma patients have used mind-body techniques to help them significantly in their treatment and its successful outcome.

Below is a list of a number of strategies to use your mind to help in your battle against melanoma. Not every strategy is going to work for everyone, so don’t feel bad if you try a strategy and it doesn’t work for you. These strategies are listed here because they have worked for others, and what is important is to try and find the strategies that work for you. How will you know what could work for you? Read through them and try the ones that sound or feel like they fit with who you are.

Treatments include:


Effect of Support on Melanoma

Building a good support network around you to help your fight can be a very valuable in beating melanoma. There are many different forms that support comes in, whether it is friends and family...

Read more about Melanoma and Support.

Effect of Positive Attitude and Thinking on Melanoma

Many patients who beat melanoma say that one of the most important things they did that helped a lot was maintaining and positive attitude and positive thinking. The most important attitude of all is...

Read more about Melanoma and Positive Attitude and Thinking.

Effect of Imagery and Visualization on Melanoma

Imagery is one of the most powerful tools for allowing your mind to affect your body(1). imagery is used by people facing health challenges like melanoma, to help them fight the disease. In fact,...

Read more about Melanoma and Imagery and Visualization.

Effect of Stress Management on Melanoma

Fighting a challenge like melanoma can be very difficult and cause a significant amount of stress. Unfortunately, as you have probably heard, stress doesn’t help your fight. In fact, too much...

Read more about Melanoma and Stress Management.

Effect of Meditation on Melanoma

The ability for meditation to help patients reduce stress and find peace around their condition makes this a wonderful Melanoma treatment.

Read more about Melanoma and Meditation.

Effect of Hypnotherapy on Melanoma

Hypnosis has been used for thousands of years in various forms to aid in healing. In the last 200 years, it has been studied as a science, and shown to have powerful healing effects on some...

Read more about Melanoma and Hypnotherapy.

Effect of Psychotherapy on Melanoma

Psychotherapy can be useful in the treatment of many health challenges including Melanoma. Your mental and emotional health is often interwoven with your physical health. In fact, there is a lot of...

Read more about Melanoma and Psychotherapy.

Effect of Music Therapy on Melanoma

There is a lot of science that suggests that music can positively affect the strength of your immune system.1 This is because music can positively affect our mood and emotions, which then...

Read more about Melanoma and Music Therapy.

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