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Menopause Treatment: Body

There are 3 Body treatments for Menopause.
Written by Olivia Cerf.

Maintaining balance in the body is key to preventing and reducing the severity of menopause symptoms, as well as coping with them when they occur. There are several lifestyle choices, such as maintaining a healthy weight and not smoking, that can help make the menopause transition smooth and comfortable.

Maintaining a healthy weight is a major preventive measure against menopause symptoms. Women with body mass indices (BMIs) over 30 are at higher risk for more severe and more frequent hot flashes.

Smokers are also at an increased risk for hot flashes, and risk increases with amount smoked.

Treatments include:


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Effect of Qigong on Menopause

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Whiteman, MK et al. “Smoking, body mass, and hot flashes in midlife women,” Obstetrics and Gynecology 101, no. 2 (2003) 264-72.

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