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Experiences with Menopause and Qigong

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Posted 8 years ago

My husband introduced me to Qigong when I was going for surgery and needed to calm down. I did a 5 minute session and felt instantly better and calm. When I started menopause, my husband suggested Qigong again and it has worked wonders for me. I had heart palpitations, hot flashes, night sweats, night chills, joint stiffness, anxiety, tiredness, low libido, and more. After practicing Qigong for detox and cleansing and Qigong specifically for women with menopause, I notice that most of my symptoms have lessoned considerably. I now have days where I don't even have a hot flash, I sleep without sweating or chills, my stess levels are much lower, the stiffness is disappearing, and my sex drive is improving. When I had the heart palpitations, my doctor had to put me on medication to protect my heart from the hormone surges. I'm no longer on that medication, my doctor has taken me off of them because he said I didn't need it anymore. Qigong really works for me plus I love the energy and clarity I have when I'm done. I feel good when I practice Qigong.

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