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Migraine Headache
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Migraine Headache and Narcotic Analgesics

Written by ritasharma.

Narcotic analgesics are prescription narcotic medication that may be prescribed for general pain management for migraine headaches.

The most well-known of these medications include Fiorinal® with codeine, codeine, Percodan®, Demerol®, Tylox®, or methadone.

Effect of Narcotic Analgesics on Migraine Headache

Narcotic analgesics provide general pain management. They act on the central nervous system, and alter the patient's perception of pain. While these medicines may effectively relieve pain, because they are narcotic, they may also be addictive. Such usage should be done in an appropriate way, so as to offer a return a normal quality of life for the frequent migraine headache sufferer.

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