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Morton's Neuroma Removal
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Experiences with Morton's Neuroma Removal

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Posted 6 years ago

I am only 2 weeks post-op. I am still having a lot of discomfort. Although the incision was made on he top of my foot, the bottom of my foot is very swollen and its as if the neuroma is still there. I was told I would have immediate relief, I do not. The swelling is relieved by icing the foot but comes back as soon as I stand. Sadly, I am still walking on the side of my foot.

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ritasharma 6 years ago

Hope your recovery speeds up. Thanks for sharing your experience--please share your experience in a few more days.

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Posted 5 years ago

The surgery was easy and healing was fast. The relief of not having the burning and aching in my foot is wonderful. The numbness in my two outside toes does not bother me at all. I strongly recommend having the surgery if you are in constant pain

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