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Music Therapy
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Posted 10 years ago

I conducted music groups as therapy in group settings in the past. Not being a licensed therapist or trained in music therapy, I would not necessarily say that I prescribed it, but recommended and conducted music groups as therapy. Group members were clients living with mental illnesses including depression, bi-polar disorder, PTSD, schizo-effective disorder, and schizophrenia.

The music groups I conducted consisted of:

  • Playing percussion instruments free-form or with light instruction
  • Listening to songs I (as the facilitator) chose in order to stimulate discussion on specific topics
  • Asking clients for song requests and discussion of the ways their selections relate to their lives, goals and recovery
  • And, engaging discussions based on recovery and wellness goals as related to musical experiences

The groups were beneficial for clients in multiple ways, including:

  • Playing instruments together and discussing those experiences enhanced socialization and group cohesion to build bonds among clients
  • Music allowed for emotional expression and processing in a safe and supported environment
  • Use of metaphor from lyrics and musical expression allowed for creative discussion of participants goals and coping skills for symptoms of mental illness

Again, I am not a professional music therapist, so I'm interested in music therapy from a professionals expertise. Music has been an important aspect of my own personal health and growth, and it was a privilege to share that with others in a health-related environment.

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Posted 7 years ago

I have used both alcohol (in very moderate amounts: 1-2 drinks/day) combined with my favorite music to alleviate my depression/anxiety successfully, as opposed to mood stabilizers I have been prescribed by a psychiatrist (ie. Risperdal - which has been shown to cause breast cancer etc.)

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