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NSAIDs Usage

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Effect of NSAIDs on Rheumatoid Arthritis

NSAID's seem to beneficially affect several physiologic processes present in individuals with rheumatoid arthritis including prostaglandin production. Prostaglandin is a naturally-occurring chemical...

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Effect of NSAIDs on Back Pain

Most NSAID's work by blocking the action of prostaglandin through out your body, thereby producing pain relief. Our bodies have internal chemicals known as prostaglandin. When you injure yourself,...

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Effect of NSAIDs on Lyme Disease

NSAIDs are pain relievers. Your doctor may advise you to use them if you have arthritis pain as a complication of Lyme disease. The dose depends on the amount of pain. For severe pain, NSAIDs are...

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Effect of NSAIDs on Low Back Pain and Sciatica

These drugs work to control the painful inflammation commonly associated with lower back pain and sciatica. Some prescription NSAIDs are higher doses of the same NSAIDs that are available without a...

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Effect of NSAIDs on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) may be used to relieve pain and fever associated with chronic fatigue syndrome. These medicines should be taken with food to prevent stomach upset. They...

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Effect of NSAIDs on Migraine Headache

Since NSAIDs are not specific to the blood vessels of the brain, and do not treat associated Migraine symptoms, and they can cause gastrointestinal disturbances, they are less frequently...

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Effect of NSAIDs on Chronic Pain

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