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Experiences with Osteoarthritis and Acupuncture

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Posted 13 years ago

I would highly recommend Acupuncture for Osteoarthritis and other types of Arthritis for the following reasons. Acupuncture can address inflammation in local areas as well as pain through out the body effectively. Unfortunately, Allopathic medicine has little to offer their patients other than NSAIDS.

Chinese Medicine can diagnose the underlying constitutional cause for the arthritis and target that for each individual. Osteoarthritis is a blanket diagnosis in Allopathic medicine, but that is not the case in Chinese Medicine. For instance, some people get worse in the cold and some people get worse in the heat, or some are worse at night and some are worse in the day etc. To the Acupuncturist all these fact allow for an exact diagnosis which also has an exact treatment!

Additionally, the Chinese herbal formulas can augment the treatment or can be used as a stand alone therapy. I strongly reccomend taking Chinese Herbal supplements that are formulated by reputable companies such as Health Concerns to address the pain and inflammation and impaired movement. In the recent past some discoveries have been made of compounds extracted from egg white that have shown to produce good results in my patients.

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