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Osteoarthritis and Green-Lipped Mussel

Written by sshowalter.

Effect of Green-Lipped Mussel on Osteoarthritis

Inflammation plays a relatively less important role in osteoarthritis than in rheumatoid arthritis. However, green-lipped mussel has been tried for both conditions, with, at present, inconclusive results.

The green-lipped mussel, a common appetizer in sushi restaurants, contains healthy fats in the omega-3 family. Like fish oil, another source of omega-3 fatty acids, green-lipped mussel has shown some promise for reducing inflammation.1 Inflammation is the cause of symptoms in numerous illnesses, ranging from arthritis to asthma. On this basis green-lipped mussel has been promoted as a treatment for these conditions. However, the evidence that it provides any meaningful benefits remains highly preliminary.

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Research Evidence on Green-Lipped Mussel

Incomplete and inconsistent evidence from human and animal studies only weakly suggests that green-lipped mussel might alleviate osteoarthritis symptoms.82-84,130-136,167

How to Use Green-Lipped Mussel

A typical dose of green-lipped mussel is about 200 mg per day of the lipid extract or 1,000 mg per day of the freeze-dried powder.

In studies, green-lipped mussel has not caused much in the way of side effects other than occasional mild digestive distress. People with shellfish allergies, however, should avoid green-lipped mussel.

Unlike oysters, green-lipped mussel does not appear to contain heavy metals.15


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