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Pancreatic Cancer
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Pancreatic Cancer Treatment: Medicine

There are 5 Medicine treatments for Pancreatic Cancer.

Once pancreatic cancer has spread beyond the pancreas, it is very difficult to contain. Nonetheless, there are treatments that can significantly slow the progress of the disease, and in some cases help patients to survive for several years, especially if it is caught early.

Forms of treatment for pancreatic cancer are continually tested in clinical research trials. Treatments under study include pancreatic cancer vaccines, gene therapy, biologic therapy (drugs that stimulate the immune system to fight cancer), drugs that may prevent cancer from growing new blood vessels, and monoclonal antibodies that may inhibit the cancer’s growth.

When one takes part in a clinical trial, there may be side effects and there is no guarantee that the experimental treatment will work. However, it is a way to gain access to cutting-edge treatments that may turn out to be more effective than current ones. Also, the federal government monitors these clinical trials to ensure that they are conducted as safely as possible. If you are interested in participating in a clinical study, speak to your doctor about this possibility.

Treatments include:


Effect of Surgery on Pancreatic Cancer

In Stage 1 of pancreatic cancer, when the cancer is still localized in the pancreas and has not spread, surgery can be most effective. Sometimes surgery is also employed to remove a portion of the...

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Effect of Chemotherapy on Pancreatic Cancer

When the cancer has spread beyond the pancreas and cannot be completely removed by surgery, then chemotherapy is used to attack and kill cancer cells, often together with radiation therapy....

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Effect of Radiation Therapy—External on Pancreatic Cancer

Radiation therapy, often in combination with chemotherapy, is normally administered in Stages 2 and 3 of pancreatic cancer. Sometimes radiation therapy is applied after surgery for Stage 1 pancreatic...

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Effect of Drugs on Pancreatic Cancer

Certain pharmaceutical drugs, such as erlotinib, can “target” cancer cells to block their growth. Usually, targeted drug therapy is used in combination with chemotherapy. Different target drugs are...

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Effect of Palliative Strategies on Pancreatic Cancer

Palliative treatments may be indicated at any stage of pancreatic cancer, depending on the patient’s discomfort level and the physician’s discretion. Usually, as severe symptoms rarely manifest during...

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