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Panic Disorder
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Panic Disorder Treatment: Mind

There are 7 Mind treatments for Panic Disorder.
Written by sshowalter.

Mind based therapies can help break the toxic thought patterns that are often part of the cause of panic attacks and panic disorder. Additionally, working with a trained professional can provide a sense of support for working through these issues. Professionals can also help you to realize the root of your anxiety, and work to treat those, as well as the cyclical thought patterns you have adopted because of them.

Treatments include:


Effect of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) on Panic Disorder

The therapist seeks in a variety of ways to produce cognitive change—change in an individual’s thinking and belief system—in order to bring about lasting emotional and behavioral change.


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Effect of Behavioral Therapy on Panic Disorder

Specifically for panic disorder, behavioral therapy can help you learn how to cope with anxiety-provoking situations through controlled exposure to them. Interoceptive exposure, or desensitization...

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Effect of Cognitive Therapy on Panic Disorder

Cognitive therapy also helps you identify possible triggers for panic attacks, such as a thought, a situation, or even something that could cause an increase in your heart rate. For example, some...

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Effect of Relaxation Therapies on Panic Disorder

A variety of relaxation techniques can help you ease your way through a panic attack. Examples include deep breathing and positive visualization. Many people with panic disorder have a faster than...

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Effect of Support on Panic Disorder

There are many different forms that support comes in, whether it is friends and family that encourage you, or groups of people facing the same challenge as you.

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Effect of Biofeedback on Panic Disorder

The basic method is quite simple. In biofeedback, a machine gives you direct information regarding the bodily process in question (the “feedback” part of the term “biofeedback”). Given this...

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Effect of Music Therapy on Panic Disorder

Just as is discussed in the panic disorder and biofeedback article, lowering the heart rate and blood pressure can help to treat the anxiety that comes along with panic disorder. Music therapy...

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