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Panic Disorder
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Panic Disorder and Support

Written by sshowalter.

No matter what challenge you are facing, the supportive people in our life often help to provide strength and encouragement. Creating a positive support network made of family, friends and even support groups can make a big difference. Don’t discount the value that these kinds of support networks can bring.

Also, the support of therapeutic professionals can also be profound in helping you work with your panic disorder.

Effect of Support on Panic Disorder

There are many different forms that support comes in, whether it is friends and family that encourage you, or groups of people facing the same challenge as you.

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How to Use Support

Friend and family – your friends and family can become an enormously powerful and helpful support for you and your panic disorder. But in order to make the as helpful as possible, you need to tell them what you need from them. And you need to set up your “ground rules” for being helpful. The fact is, they want to help you, but they don’t really know how – they need your help with this and will appreciate it when you tell them what you want and need.

Support groups -Some people find support groups to be very helpful to them in coping with the challenges they're facing. It can sometimes be hard for other people who have never faced this kind of challenge to understand what you are going through. Therefore, some people find it comforting to connect with others who are facing the same challenge and can relate. Be careful though, to surround yourself with people who are offering supportive ways to heal from panic disorder, and not simply contributing to your anxiety.

Don’t give up intimacy (emotional nor physical) - If you are married or have a significant other, remember, you don’t have to give up intimacy while your fighting this challenge. Hugging, kissing, caressing are all great ways to express intimacy. And remember, that intimacy can return even stronger than it was before the challenge.

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