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PET/CT Scan Usage

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Reasons for Test

Because combined PET/CT scans provide a combination of information about the function and structure of a body part, they are very useful for the early diagnosis of cancer. Not only can the presence of an abnormal tumor be noted, but the function of the cells that make up the tumor can be analyzed. This can help to differentiate between benign growths (not cancer) and malignant growths (cancer). PET/CT is also used in re-staging previously diagnosed cancer.

Each of these tests has its own limitations. When combined, they provide very precise information on cancer location and activity. In the past, both of the tests had to be done separately, making the interpretation of results more difficult due to changes in the patient’s body position. However, with the availability of scanners that combine both technologies, this is no longer a problem. Many cancer specialists believe that this technology will allow doctors to reduce the number of invasive procedures that patients need to undergo (eg, biopsies ) and still be able to provide very accurate monitoring.

Brain and heart disorders are also studied using PET/CT scans.



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