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Phosphorus Usage

Written by FoundHealth.

Therapeutic Uses

Because phosphate plays a fundamental role in the body's energy-producing pathways, it has been suggested that taking high doses of phosphate (phosphate loading) prior to athletic activities might enhance performance . Phosphate-containing chemicals are also part of the process that allows oxygen release from hemoglobin, and this too has intrigued researchers looking for ergogenic aids. However, while some studies have found that phosphate loading improves maximum oxygen utilization, others have not, and flaws in study design cast doubt on the positive results. 1 Although it has long been stated that high phosphorus intake due to consumption of soft drinks might lead to osteoporosis , there is no solid evidence for this claim; in fact, elevated intake of phosphorus may help prevent osteoporosis. 2 The reason for that is that bone contains both calcium and phosphate.


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