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Psoriasis Treatment: Diet

Written by ColleenO.

Some experts believe that food sensitivities might cause or at least worsen psoriasis. Consider doing an elimination diet to identify foods that might be triggering your symptoms.

The following supplements are sometimes mentioned as possible treatments for psoriasis. There is not yet much meaningful research evidence that they are effective.

Fish oil is often recommended for psoriasis, although the research is contradictory. Based on very preliminary evidence, shark cartilage20 and cetylated fatty acids have also been proposed for treatment of psoriasis.30

Vitamin A or special forms of vitamin D taken at high levels may improve symptoms, but these treatments can be dangerous and should be used only under the supervision of a physician.

Treatments include:


Effect of Essential Fatty Acids on Psoriasis

Inflammation plays a role in psoriasis, and fish oil has also shown promise as an anti-inflammatory treatment.

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