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Psoriasis Treatment: Herbs

There are 3 Herbs treatments for Psoriasis.
Written by ColleenO.

Topical ointments made from the following herbs have shown promise for alleviating some of the symptoms of psoriasis:

The following herbs are sometimes recommended for the treatment of psoriasis. There is not yet much research evidence supporting their use:

In addition, one small study suggests that the Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine remedy Qinzhu Liangxue may be helpful in selected patients with psoriasis.33

Treatments include:


Effect of Oregon Grape on Psoriasis

Laboratory research suggests Oregon grape has some effects at the cellular level that might be helpful in psoriasis, such as slowing the rate of abnormal cell growth and reducing inflammation.14,15

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Effect of Aloe on Psoriasis

The exact effect of aloe vera on psoriasis is not clear. Aloe is generally regarded as a soothing balm that can enhance the healing of skin irritations and wounds, though research evidence for this is...

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Effect of Cayenne on Psoriasis

The exact effect of capsaicin on psoriasis is not clear. Capsaicin acts in ways that help reduce pain and itching, so it might help with psoriasis by reducing discomfort. (When applied to tissues,...

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  1. Li FL, Li B, Xu R, et al. Qinzhu Liangxue decoction in treatment of blood-heat type psoriasis vulgaris: a randomized controlled trial. Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao. 2008;6:586-590.

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