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Generalized Anxiety Disorder
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anxiety; poor sleep; "living" in clutter;feel lost and drift through days; help!!

Asked 11 years ago
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Posted 11 years ago

Sounds overwhelming. Can you be more specific with what is going on? In particular, start with one thing. What's most causing you to feel like you're lost?

At this point, I can only give advice based on the little bit of info you provided in your question.

Cognitive behavioral therapy along with medication (depending on the level of your anxiety) are two highly effective treatments for anxiety. Medication can allow one to attain enough mental relaxation for therapy to be even more effective. In addition, the treatment pages under Generalize Anxiety Disorder can provide additional tips.

It also sounds like your physical environment, "clutter," is causing or perpetuating your anxiety. Starting slowly with manageable steps to clear out clutter can provide great relief. It's not always easy. Be prepared to feel resistant to getting rid of things or to feel overwhelmed by the size of the job ahead of you. You can get through it with persistence and celebrating small victories. A skilled therapist can also be very supportive in this process.

Please feel free to respond back with further details. I will be sure to follow this thread to serve as a reference for your ability to get through this. Don't be afraid to reach out!

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mat.j.collins 11 years ago

It appears you have some insight as well, and your past experience can serve as an added tool to guide you through this. What did you do when you felt like this in the past?

vikdad1 11 years ago

Hi karen. Please go to the link that says profile on the upper right side of this page, and then click update profile on the right side of the profile page. you can change your FoundHealth screen name there. Thanks

ishtar 11 years ago

In the past I did many things (yoga, therapy, homeopathy, Tibetan medicine, shiatsu, sound healing, aromatherapy - studied all of these as well) But a wave of aversion has and lethargy has come over me, at this point lack of sleep and clutter Didn't find the support I needed at the time of the last downward spiral 2 1/2 years ago. Maybe I need an expert in bipolar depression, though in the past medications have been disastrous. I have come to have a deep distrust of both the doctors and meds which is why I traveled the alternative route. I blame myself. You'd think I'd try anything at this point .

mat.j.collins 11 years ago

It seems that you came out of the previous spiral. What happened then?

There are various things you could try, and as I am sure you are aware, anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder, etc. do not always respond the same to all treatments. I hear you are averse to medical treatment, but first and foremost, I definitely recommend seeking some form of professional support. If for no other reason than to have an environment to express how you're feeling authentically, with no fear of stigma or emotionally overburdening friends.

From my experience, and what I practice now to maintain balance and support my overall daily productivity, I have had great results with mindfulness and yoga. The combination of 15 minutes of meditation ~4-5x and 3-4 yoga classes per week has supported my own health and wellbeing tremendously. It may or may not be what works for you, but I trust that you can find the right combination of activities and/or treatments that allows you to retain equanimity.

mat.j.collins 11 years ago

I've been thinking more about this question since my last comment. I remembered another technique that you might be interested. It is called Emotional Brain Training (EBT: It is a system of practices and groups that is designed to enhance emotional awareness, emotional intelligence, and healthy expression of emotions and needs. It is still in development and based on recent research in neuroscience (neuroplasticity). I think you might be interested because it isn't psychotherapy and it is a strong practical approach to improve mood, relationships, behavior and health.


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