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Are guided imagery and hypnotherapy the same type of therapies?

Asked 13 years ago
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Posted 12 years ago

Guided Imagery is a particular form or approach to hypnotherapy. Both hypnotherapy and guided imagery invoke a non ordinary state of consciousness in which the client has an expanded access to the unconscious, and inner guidance. Both can help the client access inner healing, creativity, pain management, problem solving and inner guidance. The techniques to do so may be different. For instance, In guided imagery a client may "speak" to an inner guide for help with a problem. I hypnotherapy a client may be regressed back to the source of a problem, engage in inner child work, and then a process of creating a corrective emotional experience for that inner child. In both guided imagery and hypnotherapy there is a continuum of directive or non-directive styles. Holly Holmes-Meredith MFT Clinical Director HCH Institute for Hypnotherapy and Psychospiritual Trainings.

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