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Back-to-school excitability or ADHD?

*My child has been in school for a week and he's already acting hyper. Could he have ADHD? *

Asked 13 years ago by nancym
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Posted 13 years ago

The beginning of school usually represents a time for change in the lives of both children and adults. Thus, it’s not uncommon for people to exhibit ADHD-like symptoms such as excitability, an inability to sleep, forgetfulness and inattentiveness during this time. In a recent article on the, Dr. Sue talked about the tendency for parents to report ADHD-like symptoms during the first week of school. States Dr. Sue, “I have to laugh/smile, as I have already receive more than a handful of phone calls directly related to the subject of ADHD. This happens every year, somehow it has become predictable, and I can only continue to be amazed that any parent would think that a few school days is enough to determine anything about how the school year is going to go!” My advice would be to wait a month and see if your child’s hyperactive symptoms don’t calm down.

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