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How can I self diagnosis depression?

Asked 13 years ago by InTheRain
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1 Answer

Posted 13 years ago

Doing research online is a great first step to see if you're suffering from any the many symptoms that make up a depression diagnosis. A practitioner of some must diagnosis you with depression for your to get a prescription, but the good news is not everyone needs a formal diagnosis because many people can cure depression on their own-senza drugs! Isn't that exciting?! So, if you want to know about depression diagnosis, doctors rate the prevalence of 9 different symptoms. If you have had 5 or more of those symptoms for most days of at least a 2 week period, you will probably be diagnosed with major depressive disorder. But, like I said, you don't need this diagnosis to treat it!

Take one of the 9 symptoms for example - 'fatigue or loss of energy every day.' You can start to treat this by examining your sleeping patterns. Perhaps you need to get more rest. Perhaps you need to change your diet so that you don't consume spicy, sugary, or caffeinated foods before bed. Perhaps it would help to have fewer commitments such that you aren't up all night worrying about things on your to-do list...the possibilities are endless depending on YOUR particular symptoms! So figure out why it is that you think you're depression, what your symptoms are (at least the ones you can pinpoint) and then look around the depression treatments section of this site to see which mind, body, herbal or other forms of treatments might work for you...good luck!

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