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How does lacking vitamin D effect depression?

My doctor checked my vit D levels and said they are low and now I'm on a supplement. He mentioned that this could be part of the reason that I've been depressed for a while. I'm hoping taking the supplements will mean I can stop taking other meds for this and other that how it works? Is it really going to help me?

Asked 13 years ago by catch22
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Posted 13 years ago

I had heard this as well. It seems that vitamin D really helps the body to do many of its normal functions and getting those levels up to where they need to be is a good start. Many medications suggest staying away from too much direct sunlight, but if you are on medications that allow you to be in the sun and live in a place where sun exposure is plausible, it seems the best way to to get the vitamin D you need is to actually BE IN THE SUN! Supplements can be a great alternative to direct sun exposure, but nothing works as well as the real thing. Be sure to have your levels checked again after you take the supplement for a while to make sure the vitamin d is actually being absorbed into your system. In theory, if you are feeling better, your doctor might actually be able to take you off of some of your meds!

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