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Is depression something that can be cured?

Or will I have to live with this forever?!

Asked 11 years ago by Gabrielle
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1 Answer

Posted 11 years ago

Natural ups-and-downs are a normal part of life, so in some facet, everyone will experience periods of lows throughout life. (In fact, there are some theories that describe why it was evolutionarily necessary that we as humans become depressed at times.) Luckily however, knowing how to deal with depression can keep it from becoming a debilitating illness that renders you unable to function in your daily life. If you have a clinical depression, hopefully you are working with a practitioner who is prescribing you with many different treatments (maybe medicine in combination with some other therapies like mind, body, and nutrition therapies as well.) If you have a milder form of depression, you can actually begin to self treat it by trying different therapies. Starting to exercise, eliminating excess sugar, alcohol and caffeine, spending regular time with friends, taking up a new hobby... all of these are ways to help your depression and luckily, you don't even need a doctor to begin these treatments! Be sure to be patient as changing your routine takes time and relief may come in waves. You may even want to speak with a health coach, therapist, social worker or loving family member or friend to help you set up a treatment regime. Good luck, but just know, you don't have to live at the depths of your depression forever!

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