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Is it natural to get depressed?

Is depression something that happens for a biological reason, or is it something that is new to humans?

Asked 13 years ago by suzycolvig
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Posted 13 years ago

Being down or blue at times is a natural part of life. 'You have to take the ups with the downs' is a common held sentiment that seems to be true. There are even some evolutionary theories on why we, as humans, needed depression as an evolutionary tactic. An example is to say that depression came about to tell humans that they needed to change something in their surroundings.

The same can be said of depression today; it is our body's way of telling us that something needs to change (environment, outlook, activities etc.) However, major depressive disorder (link) might indicate more than simply a blue period, it might be a chemical imbalance in the brain that needs intervention to realign. Which treatment(s) really helps return balance to the chemicals in your brain is different for each individual. Hopefully you can find appropriate treatments for depression right here on FoundHealth!

To read more, click on depression causes and read the section on 'commonly hypothesized adaptive evolutionary theories on depression'.

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