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Melanoma in Lymph nodes - help

Hi, I have recently been told a thin melanoma that i had removed 3 yeas ago has traveled to my lymph node.

I want to do eveything i can to stop this from spreading, everything is very confusing on the internet as i have read than melanoma can be accelerated by estrogen or estrogen type foods & glutamates. A lot of fruits/veg seem to contain phytoestrogens, are these still safe to eat? And oats etc which are supposed to be healthy contain glutamates. Have you had any experience with reading up on these things?

I am currently taking saffron & marigold, tumeric, vit d3 & pycnogenol supplements as i have read they have cancer fighting elements, i am also considering taking AHCC, do you know if all these are safe to take together? and if they help?

I am a bit lost at the moment i dont know what to eat or take for the best & end up missing meals, everything feels like a whirlwind.

Have you any advice for me? I live in the uk.

Many thanks for your help, Mrs C.M

Asked 11 years ago
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mat.j.collins 11 years ago

Hi Mrs. C.M,

Your determination and initiative are apparent from the outset of this question. That alone will support you as you navigate the fight against the spread of your cancer.

There are several questions related to melanoma on the FoundHealth site. If you have yet to read them, you may find helpful hints and resources at the following URLs:

Mike Rosenthal, a member of FoundHealth's board of advisers has rich experience as a support person while his wife battled melanoma. The links are filled with his suggestions of doctors and treatments he found helpful throughout their fight.

One of the best pieces of advice I found from his recommendations was to select primary treatment(s). This will set a foundation from which to make further adjustments with supplements and diet adjustments. Having a physician that you respect and trust will be an important reliable resource.

In addition, I did not see any indication of adverse interactions between the supplements you are taking. There are several warnings, however, if you have other health conditions or are taking other medications. Both FoundHealth's "Treatments" page (link at the top of the screen) and MedLinePlus are good resources for precautions for taking medications and supplements.

I will reach out to Mike and request that he also respond here. In any case, please remain in contact with updates, and I will ensure that I research and respond with what information I can find.

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Posted 11 years ago

Hi Mrs CM,

You're doing the right thing by reaching out and searching. You would not believe how much I found that no doctors ever told me, by doing my own searching when my wife was facing this. Let me try to address a number of the things you've asked about:

1) You definitely DO NOT need to just "sit around and wait" like the doctors are telling you. There are many supplements you can take that can, in my very strong opinion, help reduce the risk of a reoccurrence. My wife is now nearly 4 years out after stage 4 melanoma, with no evidence of any more cancer. Every day, for 5 years, she has been taking a number of different supplements, and she has adjusted her diet. I found very clear evidence that made me believe these things work, and they are part of why she is doing do well. You can read about them in the melanoma section of FoundHealth, but in my opinion, the most important ones are: Melatonin, Maitake D, Vitamin D3 , Cellular Forte, and Immpower. There are many more, but I would at least start with those. I wrote a bit about dosage here:

As for the diet, the general rule of thumb is that you want to cut back on inflammation-inducing foods. In short, that means less meat and more veggies (particularly cruciferous vegetables).

2) From what I have heard recently, there actually ARE tests you can do to test for cancer and also cancer markers in your blood. I don't recall what they are, buy keep on digging for them b/c I believe they exist. They're likely not perfect, but sometimes an added layer of protection helps. My wife doesn't do them though. She feels like the regular scans are good enough.

The problem with the PET scan, is that is has a low resolution. I don't remember what exactly it is, but it can only detect tumors once the get past a certain size. The CT scan can detect tumors or masses that are smaller than the PET, however, it can't confirm that it is cancer (which the PET can do). Tine was getting combination PET/CT scans for a long time, b/c the two pieces of information together provide a better screening tool.

3) My wife is also 38, and we've had the same debate about kids. Not very easy to deal with. Her situation is more complicated b/c her case was a lot more advanced than yours. I don't mean to scare you here, but there is some evidence that suggests the fertility drugs they give you to stimulate multiple egg production can increase your risk of cancer recurrence. Its only by a very small amount (don't remember exactly, but something like 3%). Also, it was only one study that showed this. Even though its a small amount, and limited study, my wife and I decided that we would not go down that path. So we are actually in search now for ways to stimulate egg production in a more natural way. We've just started this journey, so don't have much to share on it now.

I hope that helps. If I can answer any other questions, please ask.


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Posted 11 years ago


Many thanks for your response i will definately have a look at your suggested resources.

I think one of the hardest things i cant get my head around is that i have been told that after i have all of my lymph nodes removed from under my arm, there is bascially nothing futher they can do apart from a visual mole check and feel of my remaining lymph nodes every 3 months (which i have no faith in now as i was having this before and it didnt get picked up)

I feel like im just going to be waiting around like a 'sitting duck' for a secondary tumour to develop. (i had a ct scan done a couple of weeks ago though which came back clear apart from the tumour in my lymph node)

Is there anything you can recomend in the way of asking for any futher tests/treatment? I have been told a pet scan isnt suitable (although i dont see why) and there are no blood tests that can detect if i have any futher cancer cells/small areas in my body.

I know it depends on if they find anything else in the remaining nodes but before this diagnoses my husband and I were going through a long fertility road which we have just got to the end of by being told we were eligable & going to be given medications to help us get pregnant. I am 38 so i dont want to leave it much longer. I have no idea what to do, i feel there must be some test they could do to see if there is anymore cancer in my body before i try and get pregnant.

Many Thanks for all your help...

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Posted 11 years ago

Hi Mike,

Thankyou so much for taking the time to reply to me, it is very difficult to find any one with any experience of melanoma.

Please let me know if you find any successful supplements etc that help with fertility, I have read that melatonin can interfere with ovulation.

Did you wife take take a general multivitamin along with those others you mentioned? If theres anything else you can think of supplement wise etc that you think maybe help please let me know.

Thanks again for your help..

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