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Welbutron and Coffee??

I have clinical resistant depresstion and take a high doseage (400mg total daily) of Welbutron SR. Coffee relaxes me. When it's time to sleep, well I also have a sleeping disorder with night terrors and have a lot of trouble falling and staying asleep. I normally take 100mg Zoloft and 50-100mg Visteral to help me relax enough to sleep. However, if I drink a cup of weak coffee before bedtime, I fall asleep much faster. Is it bad for me to drink coffee with the Welbtron?

Asked 11 years ago
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1 Answer

Posted 11 years ago

Wellbutrin is typically associated with anxiety, insomnia, and jitters, which caffeine can exacerbate. There are people who can fall asleep after drinking coffee, but the fact that you're not staying asleep is an issue.

I would try to find other methods for relaxation before bedtime: chamomile tea, hot baths, and meditation can be very soothing. Getting regular exercise helps with sleep overall, as well as depression. Watching television and being online can be too stimulating before bedtime, and the light emitted can interfere with your circadian rhythms. Make sure your bedroom is quiet and free from distraction and clutter.

With the medications you're taking, always stay in touch and consult your physician or healthcare providers about the time of day you're taking it, etc. Certain medications are stimulating and may be better taken during the day.

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