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What causes depression?

Asked 11 years ago by Alison
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Posted 11 years ago

There is no one cause for depression and in fact, for most people, depression results from a combination of mental, physical and emotional triggers. You can read more on the FoundHealth Depression Causes page. It is important to treat all of the causes you can identify. An example of a mental trigger would be low self-esteem and a treatment could be self-affirmations or a change in circumstance; physical triggers could be low levels of serotonin in the brain and exercise, diet and/or medical interventions would help this depression component; emotional triggers can be the loss of a loved one and sometimes the best treatment for this is emotional support from groups, friends or family member. If you can identify your own personal causes, you can better treat them. You don't even need a doctor to start doing small things that will help with your depression like diet, exercise and getting out into the sun! (Though you might want to see one if your symptoms are overwhelming, debilitating or you are having suicidal thoughts.)

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