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What is "Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction?"

Asked 13 years ago by JayParker
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Posted 13 years ago

MBSR urges individuals to center their attention moment to moment in a non-judgmental way helping them to cope with the stress that often accompanies depression and other chronic diseases. The key concept of MSBR is to cultivate mindfulness through sitting meditation and through mindful body movement which will then translate into the participants' daily lives. Individuals cultivate an awareness of the unity of the mind with the body through mindful meditation, and begin to see how unconscious thoughts and feelings can undermine both emotional and physical health. Participating in yoga or other forms of martial arts can bring awareness to the movement of their body.

It is said that through these practices, people can benefically effect both their states of emotional arousal as well as physiological symptoms such as blood pressure and heart rate.

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy is a combination of MBSR and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which focuses on how thinking can impact feeling and is specifically used for treating depression.

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