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Shiitake Usage

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What Is Shiitake Used for Today?

As yet, there are no proposed uses of shiitake mushroom or shiitake mushroom extracts that are supported by reliable scientific evidence.

Current investigation of shiitake focuses primarily on the potential immune-stimulating and anti-cancer effects of some its constituents, most prominently lentinan (LNT), a polysaccharide substance in the beta-glucan family. Limited evidence from case reports and highly preliminary human studies hints that use of intravenously injected, purified lentinan might enhance the effectiveness of chemotherapy for stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer, and ovarian cancer. 1 2 3 Note: Do not attempt to inject lentinan products designed for oral use.

One study found hints that oral lentinan might reduce recurrence rates of genital warts following laser surgery. 4 Extremely weak evidence hints that lentinan might have immune stimulating 5 6 7 and liver protective effects. 8 In an animal study, lentinan reduced risk of colon cancer in mice with ulcerative colitis . 9 One study failed to find oral shiitake extract helpful for treatment of prostate cancer. 10


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